Consumer returns are becoming a big issue, which is opportunity when they are handled correctly. At, we understand that achieving the right balance between warehouse space and financial return is important; this is why we buy all types of consumer electronic returns!

There is no need to wait for profit-share schemes or auction suppliers to achieve the best gross yield. Instead, you receive a fixed percentage rate for you consumer returns, the moment that the stock leaves your warehouse. Each year we buy more than £2m worth of domestic appliance stock, ensuring that this equipment has every chance of a second life. Regardless of brand, appliance type or volume, we work with your operations department to ensure that loads are collected on time:

Our system protects your brand (and your pocket), giving you the opportunity to control:

  • On which platforms your appliance returns are sold (excluding websites that may compete with new sales)
  • Quarantine of recalled stock models for further analysis and quality function reporting
  • What countries your appliance stock is redistributed into
  • WEEE Recycling and Recovery for appliances that are beyond economical repair (BER)

Furthermore, all of our clients are reassured in the knowledge that, unless stock passes safety and functionality testing, it is not resold back into any market (neither online, domestic or international). BER stock is deemed as waste (WEEE) and it is recycled in accordance with the WEEE Regulations as part of our in-house recycling services at The Appliance Recycling Group.